Jeffrey Schiller

"In my work, I attempt to stay as

spontaneous as possible while

leaving very little to chance. Direct

metal (i.e. welding& forging) is the

technique that allows me this

freedom. Natural form, including

the figure in dance, are my main

concerns. The quest is not to

emulate a particular form, but to


reach for the essence in 'perfect' (or not so perfect) spatial relationships.

Although the work may appear 'rough hewn' there is an almost religious

need to stay true to its language. A language that has been developed over

a lifetime, first in painting and now in sculpture."


My art education began quite early, from High School of Music and Art, to Brooklyn Museum Art School to Pratt Institute.

I also have industrial experience in welding and fabrication. I have shown in numerous galleries, outdoor installations,

and museums in the New York area, including the Brooklyn Museum, Staten Island Museum, Snug Harbor Cultural Center,

Woodstock Artists Association and Museum, Opus 40 and the Chautauqua Institution. In addition I have been the recipient of

several grants including the 1999 Lucile Blanch Biennial Sculpture Award-WAAM.